vorson electric ukulele review

Vorson Electric Ukulele Review

Electric ukuleles are a fast growing niche of ukuleles as musicians look to vary their sounds and experiment. People looking to perform for a larger audience are also interested in electric ukes in order to amplify their music. If you’ve never experienced an electric ukulele or electric instrument before, it can be tough to gauge if…

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Hot New Musical Gadgets of 2017

What do you think of when someone says musical instrument? Most would think: piano, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, or some other instrument. These examples have been around for decades, even centuries for some, but in this day and age, what we call a musical instrument has expanded greatly. More recently, with the rise of EDM (electronic…

best quality ukulele

How to Find a Quality Ukulele

Ukuleles are great, unique instruments that are incredibly fun to play. The instrument may have originated in Hawaii, but the influence of the ukulele can now be seen far and wide, both on the U.S. mainland and abroad, as the ukulele continues to surge in popularity. While many companies on the mainland now make ukuleles…

how to choose guitar strings

How to Choose the Right Guitar Strings

It is important for guitar players to choose the right strings for your guitar. This will ensure that your performance is able to reach its full potential. The most economical and fastest way to boost your setup is choosing the right strings for your guitar. [ALG template=”CTA” asin=”https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=guitar+strings” button-text=”Find Guitar Strings on Amazon!”] It does…

beginner drum cymbals

Beginners Guide to Drum Cymbals

There is one deliberating question that every drummer has to ask themselves when it comes time to purchase their own gear: How do I choose the proper setup, and what exactly is it that I need? There are several variations in regards to each individual component of a great beginner drum-kit, but it is the…

best drum practice pads

Best Drum Practice Pads for 2017

Drumming is a skill that certainly take a lot of time and practice to master. While some drummers may find that mastering rhythm and stick work comes easy, the vast majority need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to hone their skills. That’s why drum practice pads are so important to the beginner…

best ukulele amplifier

Best Ukulele Amplifier for 2017

Traditionally, the ukulele is an acoustic instrument that generates its own sound. Recently though, electric ukuleles have been making an emergence as a popular choice for ukulele players. For a ukulele to be compatible with an amplifier, it must have a pickup installed in it to transmit the sound to the amplifier. Some acoustic ukuleles…

acoustic vs electric drums

Electronic vs Acoustic Drums

If you’re looking to buy your first drum set, there’s one big question that you must first answer – do you want to go with an electronic drum kit, or an acoustic drum kit? While you can certainly learn to play the drums on either, there are some key differences you need to be aware…

easy ukulele Christmas songs

Best Easy Ukulele Christmas Songs

Looking for some easy ukulele Christmas songs to bust out at a party? We put together a list of crowd-favorite Christmas jams that you can manage on your ukulele even if you’re several eggnogs deep!   Santa Baby Chords: C, A7, Dm, G7 (mostly) Strum pattern: D, D (mostly) Santa Baby is a great Christmas…

best ukulele strap

Best Ukulele Strap for 2017

Before we talk about finding the best ukulele strap for your uke, let’s talk about if standing while performing first.

Many people play their ukulele while standing as much as they do while sitting, especially while performing for others. I’m sure you’ve seen guitar players play their instruments with a strap that holds the guitar to their body while they play – can ukulele players do the same?

Traditionally, when the ukulele is played standing up it is done so without a strap. The ukulele is light enough and small enough that the performer can “trap” the body of the ukulele against themselves with their strumming forearm, keeping the instrument upright.

The hand that’s fingering notes/chords shouldn’t really be used to hold the ukulele up. If you do, you will have a hard time moving between notes and chords fluidly.

ukulele standing