Best Chord Sites for Ukulele

If you’re starting to learn the ukulele (which we named one of our easiest instruments to learn), you’re going to soon hit a point where you want to play some songs that you’re familiar with. That’s when you’re going to need to find the chords to the song you want to play.

What’s a Chord?

A chord is a set of three or more notes played together to produce a desired sound. Using chords you can play most any popular song, it’s just a matter of finding out which chords to play and in what order. Below is a chord chart showing some of the most common chords you’ll run into, with the right-most string being the bottom string on the ukulele when you’re looking down on it from a playing position.

ukulele chord chart

Most Popular Ukulele Chords

Luckily for use ukulele players, many of the most popular ukulele chords are also the easiest to play! They are C, D, G, and F chords. A and Am and also very popular and should also be mastered quickly.

Many songs can be played with just those chords above. You should always try to practice and learn new chords to expand your musical expertise, of course.

The Best Ukulele Chord Sites

In years past, finding ukulele chords online was hit or miss. Over the past few year however, ukulele chords have become much more common. Let’s take a look at some of the sites that have the best inventory of songs for you to choose from.


Ukulele Hunt

ukulele hunt

Ukulele Hunt is dedicated to ukulele chords alone, so it’s often your best bet for high-quality song chords that will sound great. The downside is that most of their songs are geared towards more advanced players, so beginners may struggle with most of their selection.

Check out all of their chords here. Many of them include an audio clip to give you an example for the strum pattern or any finger-picking sections. The chords and lyrics are usually given in a PDF format, which can be useful if you’re looking to print.




UkuTabs is another ukulele-specific website, but it differs from Ukulele Hunt quite a bit. UkuTabs doesn’t go as deep into song explanation, but it does have a much wider library of songs. It also features some great interactive features like hovering over a chord to see a chord chart, an auto-scroll feature that will scroll the page as you play along, as well as a transposer.

The transposer will adjust the chords to a different key. Transposing chords can be extremely useful if the key that the chords are given in are outside of your preferred vocal range, or if you simply want to adjust the key to make the song easier to play.




Chordie is a massive online database of songs that has a very clean interface. A chord chart specific to the song will display on the side, as well as a chord transposer. Chordie is a great spot to check in case the first two sites come up empty for your desired song.


e-chords boasts more than a million songs in its database, and most have ukulele tabs. Hovering or clicking on the chord name above the lyrics will bring up a helpful diagram which shows you the chord chart. One downside it e-chords is you can’t transpose the chords unless you pay for a membership, limiting its usefulness. For how many songs they have, you may still find it useful though.