Best Easy Ukulele Christmas Songs

Looking for some easy ukulele Christmas songs to bust out at a party? We put together a list of crowd-favorite Christmas jams that you can manage on your ukulele even if you’re several eggnogs deep!


Santa Baby

santa baby uke

Chords: C, A7, Dm, G7 (mostly)

Strum pattern: D, D (mostly)

Santa Baby is a great Christmas song, and one you can make really fun and silly so a great singing voice isn’t required. Here’s a great PDF of the full chords and lyrics to the song.

The strum pattern will be a simple and slow down, down strum followed by a chord change, and the last C on each line will be played a few more times. You can experiment with what sounds good to you.


Feliz Navidad

Chords: G, A, D, Bm

Strum Pattern: D, XU, UXU (see our ukulele strum patterns guide for more information on how to read this and how to do a “chunk strum”, denoted by “X”)

Here’s another really fun song that’s so simple, everyone can sing along. Another great part of this song is it really has no beginning or end, so you can simply play it as long as you’d like.

The video below does a great job at teaching the song, but we prefer the strum pattern given above. The chunk strums really add a nice flow and extra dimension to the song.


Last Christmas

Chords: C, Am, Dm, G, F

Strum Pattern: D, D-U, U-D-U (twice per chord)

Last Christmas by George Michael is an amazing Christmas pop song that’s always a crowd-pleaser. This is a great sing-along song for the entire crowd.

Check out the full lyrics and chord pattern here.


Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

christmas tree ukulele

Chords: G, E7, C, D

Strum Pattern: D, D-U, U-D-U

Here’s another fun classic holiday song, though there are some other chords you’ll need to use during the chorus but nothing too difficult. Perfect for the fans of Home Alone!

Check out the full chords and lyrics here.