Best Karaoke Microphone for Kids

I have to a confession to make before we begin. I’ve been a singer in bands for about 15 years now, and nothing else comes close to the joy and fun I get from rehearsing, gigging and connecting with other musos. So, if I get a little passionate about what learning to sing can do for kids, you’ll forgive me won’t you?

What Does The Research Say?

Here’s just 7 reasons (supported by academic research) singing is one of the best things kids can learn:

  1. Physically – it benefits the respiratory and cardiac systems, development of fine and gross motor control and neurological functioning.
  2. Psychologically – it fosters confidence, communication and interpersonal empathy and provides an outlet for feelings which may be otherwise unexpressed.
  3. Socially – singing correlates with social inclusion, belonging, understanding, positive group  identity. Hey, what brings people together better than music and a sing-a-long?
  4. Musically – singing delivers an understanding of musical structure, phrasing, tone and color. It teaches children to modulate and moderate tone, pitch, rhythm and loudness. All of which will mean they become more self-aware and disciplined.
  5. Educationally – learning lyrics and music promotes increased knowledge, understanding and awareness of the world around us, the people, cultures, places and emotions we naturally encounter as we grow. Reading lyrics and music also promote development in various areas of the brain and accelerate learning in other educational settings.
  6. Recreationally – OK, which would you rather your kids do on the weekend – get together with friends and sing or stare at a screen and switch off? Singing gets the body moving, is often accompanied by dance and leads inevitably to performances and stage time – both vital for a well-rounded adult life.
  7. Emotionally – I was 29 when I first heard my voice through a proper microphone. I was so nervous I thought I might pass out.  If kids are introduced to this feeling early, it will become totally natural for them to sing and speak on a microphone as they develop. Being heard is vital to emotional development, and encouraging your kids to speak out confidently is one of the most vital parts of our job as parents.



Now let’s be honest. There may be some short term discomfort for your ears, but the noise will soon pass and the long term benefits far outweigh the cost. For you and I – there’s always earplugs! Here’s some I always keep in my car, my bedroom and in my suitcase.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best products out there to help them along …


Best Microphone for Toddlers – WINNER

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Rock and Record Microphone

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Rock & Record Microphone

Hours of research went into this recommendation. Yes, there’s microphones for toddlers with more functions and yes, it’s possible to get cheaper ones.  However, my number one priority is safety and Fisher Price are legendary when it comes to caring for children.  Read about it here. Why risk anything else?

Second, this thing is tough. I lost track of the amount of parents who complained about these type of toys breaking within hours.  Not good enough!  So, this is our Top Pick for Best Microphone for Toddlers.



One of the best features of this microphone is its ability to record your child’s voice and play it back to them.  Kids love this feature!  It also augments the voice playback with fun music and effects – adding to the experience. Your toddler will learn about colors, counting, ABCs, body parts and opposites too, so it’s not just a one trick pony!  When you add bright lights and beats, you’re onto a winner that will deliver hours and hours of joy and learning.

Check the discount here.


Best Microphone for Elementary Kids – WINNER

VERKB Wireless Microphone Karaoke Pro

VERKB Wireless Microphone Karaoke Pro, 3-in-1 2200mAh Bluetooth Aluminium Alloy Karaoke Machine KTV for Apple iPhone Android Smartphone or Pc(Light Golden)


I was surprised and impressed by this product.  I’ve paid hundred of dollars for microphones over the years, so I kinda expected at this price point to be disappointed.  Nope, thousands of these have been sold, and yes – I was blown away by how great it sounds and how easy it is to use.

Rest assured, if your kid is into music and singing, this is a great present they’ll appreciate and be immediately able to use.  Here’s some of the great features we loved:

  • Light and easy to transport
  • Battery seems to last ages – it’s 2200mAh – we timed more than 4 hours use
  • The sound quality is truly outstanding – two inbuilt speakers
  • Hook it up to either Android or Apple devices

You know, the only downside we feel are the range of colors.  The gold, rose and bronze are a little “bling” for our tastes.  Perhaps Lady Gaga would feel right at home, but I felt a little strange belting out MeatLoaf’s “Bat out of Hell” on this.  Here’s a black one in a different model if you feel the same way… 🙂

VERKB Wireless Rainbow Microphone

VERKB Rainbow Mic, Wireless Microphone Karaoke(3rd Generation), 3-in-1 Bluetooth Karaoke Machine KTV for Apple iPhone Android Smartphone and Pc(Jet Black)


Best High End Microphone – WINNER

ION Audio Tailgater

ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker with Mic, AM/FM Radio, and USB Charge Port

If your young ones are getting serious about their music and are beginning to outgrow their less powerful microphones, it may be time to look at one of the most popular and best reviewed portable bluetooth PA speakers on the market.

We love this thing and you know what – here’s a question – how come this wasn’t around when I was growing up?  This machine pumps out a powerful 50 watts, can connect to iOS (Apple) and Android devices, will run for 50 hours AND will recharge your smartphone or tablet while you’re out and about!



The ION Tailgater blew us away more than a little bit.  Also, if the kids aren’t using it, who says you can’t have a little fun too?

Check the discount here.


More Information and Research?

If you’d like more information about the academic research mentioned above, here’s a few links which are a great place to start:

Sing Up
International Music Education Research Centre 
National Center for Voice and Speech [USA]
Voice Care Network UK
Chorus America
Sydney De Haan Research Centre for Music, Arts and Health