Best Portable Digital Drum Kit for 2017

Percussion instruments come in many shapes and varieties. The great thing about drumming is you can make your kit as big or small as you’d like! For those really short on space, one of these best portable digital drum kits could be the perfect kit for you.


Benefits of Table Electronic Drums

The biggest reason why you’d buy a tabletop drum kit over one of our full sized best electronic drum kits is to save space. These drums can be stored much more easily than a full drum kit, and they can be played either directly from a tabletop, or from a snare drum stand if you’d prefer to have more control over the height and angle.

Another major benefit to these compact electronic drums is the ability to easily transport them around. There’s no lengthy setup or tear-down process required, which is great.

These portable digital drums allow you to practice your rhythm and drumming skills the same as a full drum kit, so your progress will transition easily to whatever other percussion instruments you’d like to play.


Top 3 Portable Digital Drum Sets

1. Yamaha DD65

Yamaha DD65 Electronic Drum Pad Premium Package with Headphones, Power Supply, Drum Sticks, and 2 Foot Pedals

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The Yamaha DD65 is the top of the line when it comes to portable digital drum kits. It features 8 touch-sensitive pads and 2 drum pedals for a full-kit experience.

The DD65 comes with 254 different sounds that you can assign to any of the pads, and has room for 50 drum kits between user-defined and presets for different genres of drumming.

The drum kit comes with a pair of headphones you can plug into the headphone port so you can practice without disturbing others. Otherwise, the kit has stereo speakers so you can play for others as well as yourself.

yamaha digital drums

The DD65 also has a “hand percussion” mode, allowing the kit to act like bongos that you can strike with your hand.

This kit comes with drum sticks and an AC power adapter, but you can power the device with 6 C batteries as well if you choose to. You might opt to pick up one of our best drum thrones if you plan on playing for extended sessions.

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2. Spectrum AIL 602

Spectrum AIL 602 7-Pad Digital Drum Set with Adjustable Stand, Pedals, Sticks and AC Adapter

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Next up on our list is the Spectrum AIL 602. This digital drum kit isn’t as feature-rich as the Yamaha above, but it still has a lot of great features and is a great value for the price.

The AIL 602 has 7 touch-sensitive drum pads, 215 different drum sounds, 20 preset drum kits, and 10 user-defined kits. It also comes with two drum pedals, drum sticks, and an AC power cord.

One advantage this drum set has is it comes with a height-adjustable drum stand, so you can play anywhere either standing up or sitting down. It also comes with a drumming DVD, perfect for beginners to percussion instruments.

spectrum ail portable drum kit

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3. Pyle-Pro PTED01

Pyle-Pro PTED01 Electronic Table Digital Drum Kit Top w/ 7 Pad Digital Drum Kit

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Our final best portable digital drum kit is the Pyle-Pro PTED01. This is the most affordable option on our list, perfect for people looking to get their feet wet in drumming. However, it doesn’t come with a DVD or drum stand like the Spectrum does.

The PTED01 has 7 touch-sensitive drum pads, 2 drum pedals, 25 preset drum kits, and 5 user-defined kits. You can choose between 215 sounds to assign to the pads.

This drum kit has a headphone port for quiet practice, as well as speakers to practice aloud. An AC power cable is included, or you can use 6 C batteries to go wireless.

You can also plug into your computer to record your music. Users report that this digital drum kit is a great value for the low cost with no issues of wear and tear over the long-term.

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