Best Travel Guitar – 2017 Edition

The guitar is a beautiful and versatile instrument. With all the hours you put into practicing and mastering the guitar, you’re going to want to take it along with your on your travels to show off your skills!

Traveling with a guitar can be a huge headache, though. The fear of loading up your fragile guitar and hoping nothing is broken when you arrive at your destination is a huge stress-inducer. Luckily, there’s an easy way to make traveling with a guitar much easier – getting a travel-sized guitar!

travel guitar and strap

What is a Travel Guitar?

Put simply, a travel guitar is a compact guitar. The reduced size makes it much easier and safer for travel. Many of these travel guitar drastically reduce the size of the guitar, much more than travel ukuleles can do. The manufacturers accomplish the compact size in several different ways –

  • Reduced neck length. This usually means less frets, so you might not be able to pull off epic guitar solos to the same degree you can on a full-scale guitar, but for everything else you’re golden.
  • Smaller body. This is the biggest visible difference you’ll notice when you look at a travel guitar. Many travel guitars ditch the traditional guitar shape altogether, while others significantly shrink it. This reduction in size can mean less sound amplification and a less rich sounding guitar, but you’ll be surprised by just how great these travel guitars still sound regardless of their diminished size.
  • Less fragile design. A travel guitar will typically be built with the expectation of being on the road often, so thicker woods are used with less vulnerable shapes and areas that can break.

best traveler guitar

Best All Around Travel Guitar

Martin Backpacker Travel Guitar

Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar with Bag

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The Martin Backpacker is an amazing guitar from the very well respected Martin acoustic company that has their products used by the very best professionals all over the world. The Backpacker features 15 frets on a 24″ scale. It’s around 33″ long, about 8″ wide and weighs just over 2 lbs. Extremely portable compared to a regular acoustic!

Check out the video below which shows this guitar is in no way lacking in the “wow” factor of how great it sounds!


For the price and quality of construction, the Martin Backpacker Travel Guitar is named our best travel guitar of 2016!


Best Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light  Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar with Gig Bag

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If you’re looking for an extremely compact and full featured acoustic-electric travel guitar, look no further. Traveler Guitar specializes in innovative travel guitars, and they deliver a lot on their Ultra-Light model.

The guitar features in-body tuning, which means it cuts down on the length of the guitar by not heaving a head. While only being 28″ long in total, the guitar still features a full-scaled 22 frets, so you don’t have to sacrifice any playing ability! The body is only 5.25″ wide, and this guitar can easily be stowed in an above-head compartment on any airline.

traveler ultra light diagram

Another nice feature is the detachable metal lap rest. This can make playing while sitting much easier and more comfortable, and you can remove the rest while you’re traveling or using a strap.


Best Nylon String Travel Guitar

Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic

Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Nylon String Guitar With Cordoba Gig Bag

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Known for making some of the best ukuleles for beginners and pros alike, Cordoba is a company you should always consider checking out when it comes to an acoustic instrument. Being experts with ukuleles, they know a thing or two about nylon stringed instruments!

Featuring a 20″ scale with 18 frets and a full-width fretboard, your fingers will feel right at home playing this travel guitar. Overall, it’s around 31″ long and 8″ wide. The nylon strings and higher tuning give this guitar a very bright and lively sound. View the video below to learn more and hear it in action –


There you have it! Best of luck with your travels and thank you for spreading the joy of music everywhere you go!