Best Harmonica For Beginners – 2017 Edition

Stevie Wonder, Bono (U2), John Lennon (Beatles), Bryan Adams, Steve Tyler (Aerosmith), Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), Chris Martin (Coldplay)…All play the harmonica.  Why?  Because they’re portable, inexpensive and very, very cool.


Best Premium? The Suzuki HA-20-C Promaster Hammond Professional Harmonica.  We’ve played many, many harmonicas and this one tops them all for sound quality at the price.  Black enameled brass cover and black coated aluminium comb.  It’s spectacular.  Check discount here.

Best Value? The Hohner Marine Band Harmonica. Ask yourself this question – if it’s Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young’s choice, is it good enough for me? Check today’s discount here.

Best Budget? Don’t underestimate The Classic Suzuki Folkmaster Harmonica.  Though this is manufactured in China as opposed to Japan, it will absolutely do a beginner proud and for the price – how can you go wrong?  Find it here.


Detailed Guide

The harmonica, also sometimes called the “Blues Harp“, is a small and simple wind instrument played in a variety of different music genres. Most notably in blues, rock, country, and jazz.

The harmonica is played by using your mouth to direct air in and out of the different chambers, sliding the harmonica with your hands when necessary. Here’s a video of a pair of harmonica players in action covering a pop song –