GP Percussion B2 Bongos Review

GP Percussion B2 Bongos Feature Overview

  • Made from hickory wood
  • 6″ and 7″ drums with tunable heads
  • Chrome hoops and hardware
  • Tuning wrench included

The GP Percussion B2 Bongos are a set of drums from GP Percussion geared towards new musicians looking for their first set of bongos. They could also be good bongos for older kids.

After reviewing several bongos for beginners, we determined the the GP Percussion B2 bongos are a great choice for your first set of bongos. You may want to read our Tycoon Percussion Ritmo Bongos review before making a final purchasing decision.


GP Percussion B2 Bongos Overview and Photos

gp percussion b2 bongos

The GP Percussion B2 Bongos are the most popular bongos for beginners on Amazon, so we had to try them out to see how they stack up against the competition. You can typically find them for under $50 which should set your expectations as these are clearly entry-level bongos.

The drum heads are 6″ and 7″. The skins on these bongos weren’t the best we’ve tried. They felt thin, and produced a less full sound than other bongos. The first set we received actually had a tear on the skins on the 7″ drum and needed to be returned.


gp percussion b2 bongos side

The tuning wrench you can see in the photos was quite large and very easy to use. The shell of the B2 Bongos have a high-glass finish which seems to make them pretty durable to frequent handling. The chrome tuning hardware worked flawlessly for us.


B2 Bongos Build Quality

Overall, the B2 bongos was pretty good. Not as high as the Tycoon Ritmo Bongos, but much higher than the Union One Earth UB1 bongos.

gp percussion b2 bongos bottom


The tuning hardware worked great, but felt a bit bulkier and less refined as the Tycoon Ritmo. The two drums had a little movement between the two, meaning the bridge was either not properly fitted to the shells or it needed to be tightened up.

Also, you can see the bottom tuning ring around the shell doesn’t fit perfectly flush. There’s quite a big gap between the metal and the wood on the left drum. While this didn’t present a problem today, we wonder if it could become an issue over time as the wood may fluctuate with humidity and temperature.


GP Percussion B2 Sound Quality

Overall, the sound quality on the B2 bongos was a bit lackluster. We got a much more lively sound from the Ritmo bongos. It seems the difference largely came from the skins used on the B2 bongos. They sounded thin and paper-like in comparison. The B2 Bongos will work for beginners, but they’re not very impressive for someone with advanced skills.



GP Percussion Price/Value

For a price of typically under $50 (click the image or link below to find today’s price on Amazon), these bongos pack quite a bit of value. They’re a solid investment for learning to play the bongos and make a good first set for beginners.

GP Percussion B2 Pro-Series Tunable Bongos 6 & 7 Inch (Clear Finish, Hickory)