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Honest Drumeo Review – Is Drumeo Edge Worth It?

If you’re looking to learn how to play the drums, you’re only going to get so far without learning proper technique from an experienced drummer. Luckily today, there’s quite a few different ways to get access to drum teachers and progress your drumming skills. Let’s look at a few different options that are available, and then…


Best Ukulele for Kids – 2017 Edition



A ukulele for kids?  Fantastic idea, BUT here’s what you need to know before buying.


Best for 2 – 5 year olds?  The Hape Ukulele.  Hape is a German company, and have been creating Ukulele’s for kids since 1986.  Tough, light, safe and FUN! Check discount here.

Best for 6 – 10 year olds?  Hola! HM-21.  Perfect for this age group.  Comes in cool colors, quality construction and our readers LOVE them.  Check discount here.

Best for 11 – 15 year olds? Can’t get much better than the Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano.  We love this brand, and you will too.  Quality and huge value.  Find it here.

What About Plastic?  So, let’s be diplomatic here.  Is your child, um, physically adventurous?  Are they likely to stand on the ukulele or try to make it fly or see if it floats?  We get it!  Here’s our best pick for your little tiger.  The Kala Makala Waterman.  9 million people can’t be wrong.  The ultimate child-proof Uke!  Why not get one that glows in the dark?

2017 Top Picks


Best for 2 – 5-year-olds?

The Hape Ukulele. Check discount here.



Best for 6 – 10-year-olds?

Hola! HM-21.  Check discount here.


Best for 11 – 15-year-olds?


Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano.  Find one here.


How About Plastic?


The Kala Makala Waterman.  Get one here.


Why not get one that glows in the dark?




The Detail

If you’re looking to introduce your child to a musical instrument, there really isn’t a better choice than the ukulele. A ukulele is much easier for a child to learn to play than a guitar, for three main reasons –

  • Size – ukuleles are naturally smaller than guitars, making them a natural choice for the smaller body of a child. A smaller instrument also means the child will be much less likely to damage it (or something else in your home) as they run around the house with it.
  • Complexity – the ukulele is a relatively simple instrument, especially when compared to all the other options out there. There’s only 4 strings as opposed to 6 on a guitar, and you can strum the instrument with your hand or fingers, as opposed to need a guitar pick to play. This makes it a lot more natural for kids to figure out, as they only need to learn the ukulele and not how to properly hold some other object at the same time.
  • Material – if you’ve ever tried to learn to play the guitar, you might remember how raw and sore your fingertips got from practicing holding down the metal strings. That’s a huge deterrent from getting a child to learn a musical instrument! Luckily, ukuleles use softer, nylon strings. This makes ukuleles perfect for young children as it won’t tear up their hands when they’re supposed to be having fun.

easiest musical instruments for adults to learn

Easiest Musical Instrument for Beginner Adults – 2017 Edition


Our Top 5 Easiest Instruments for Beginners

Ukulele – Light, happy and SO much fun!  

Order one and with 3 chords you’ll be playing LOADS of songs within days.

Our pick is The Cordoba 20cm Concert Series.

Join Leonard Cohen, OneRepublic and The Gypsy Kings in playing something truly special.

Check discount here.  

Less than $100?

Try The Kala MK-C.  Based in Petaluma, CA, this uke is the Real Deal.

Check discount here.


Piano / Keyboard – Easier than you may think.  

Most of us who took lessons as kids gave up because it wasn’t FUN!

Well, it’s 2017 and things have changed, baby!  Our top choice is the Yamaha PSRE253.

There are LOADS of amazing tutorials, apps, and videos now to have you playing your favorite music in no time.

Right now, you can get an incredible bundle deal from Yamaha! Click here.


Bongo Drums – Portable, oh-so-cool and immediately playable!

Everyone loves the bongos!  Right out of the box, you can begin playing to your favorite music.

You’ll be very surprised just how soothing they are to play.

We’ve tested loads, but for sound and quality, we highly recommend Tycoon.  Built beautifully – they outperform all others at the price.

Built beautifully – they outperform all others at the price.

Check today’s price here.


Xylophone or Glockenspiel

You probably played last as a child, but don’t underestimate how easy and fun they can be.

The ProKussion Professional is the one to go for.

For around $50, it’s worth every penny.

Find it here.


Harmonica or Blues Harp – 

Who doesn’t love Stevie Wonder? Epic, timeless and simple to learn.

They are very good value, so get the best.  A Fender.

Yes! They make awesome harmonicas as well as legendary guitars!

Find one here.





Have I Left It Too Late?

Mastering a musical instrument and wowing your friends (or even sell out crowds!) is a dream just about everyone has at once in their life. Unfortunately, many people never pursue learning an instrument seriously in their youth, either due to lack of access to a music teacher or feeling that there are better things to do with your young years.


Me?  I took lessons on the Hammond 123J3 Organ!  Sound-a-Rama!!!  Many of you tell me that you found the lessons rigid, too serious and that the music you were made to learn wasn’t your thing.  Well, I LOVED music, but I found exactly the same thing.  NO FUN AT ALL!


If this describes you and you feel it’s “too late” for you, there’s no need to worry! Learning an instrument as an adult can be extremely fun and rewarding, and even easier than you think.


What’s even better is there are many well-studied health benefits to learning a musical instrument! Don’t believe me? Keep reading!


adults learning music


5 Proven Benefits of Learning an Instrument as an Adult

Outside of the obvious cool-factor of being able to play music, let’s look at some scientific data on the matter.

Various studies have found that music training has the following benefits –

There are few other hobbies you can get into that will keep your brain as engaged and playing music will.

Learning a musical instrument will also give you the ability to challenge yourself as much or as little as you want.

Whether you want to master a wonderful solo, or just learn enough chords to play some of your favorite songs, there’s no wrong way to learn to play music as an adult!

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