Tycoon Percussion Ritmo Bongos Review

Tycoon Percussion Ritmo Bongos Feature Overview

  • Made from Siam Oak Wood
  • 6″ and 7″ drums with water buffalo skin heads
  • Black powder-coated hoops and hardware
  • Tuning wrench included

The Tycoon Percussion Ritmo Bongos is the entry-level bongo from Tycoon Percussion aimed towards beginner and novice musicians looking for their first set of bongos.

After testing numerous bongos in this category, we can say that the Tycoon Ritmo bongos are the best bongos for beginners, hands down!


Tycoon Ritmo Bongos Overview and Photos

tycoon percussion ritmo bongos

Tycoon Percussion is the biggest brand name in the entry-level bongos space, so I was excited to see the quality of this set. Right away, I could tell the Ritmo bongos are much higher quality all-around compared to the cheaper Union One Earth UB1 Bongos I reviewed recently. The Ritmo bongos come with a 6″ and 7″ drum, with a water buffalo skin.


tycoon percussion ritmo bongo review

The overall look of these bongos are excellent. The skins have a great natural color and texture, and the powder coated black tuning hardware looks flawless.


Ritmo Bongos Build Quality

tycoon ritmo bongos hardware

The build quality blows other bongos in this price range out of the water! Both the UB1 Bongos and GP Percussion B2 Bongos are lacking in comparison. The center block holding the drums together was very firm, and the Ritmo bongos tuned up great. The Siam Oak wook used for the shell feels and looks fantastic.


Ritmo bongo underside

Here’s a look at the Tycoon Ritmo Bongos from the bottom. Everything about these drums are smooth and polished with a very well-fitting and controlled finish. The tuning lugs worked smoothly.

There’s no surprise that I had to give 5 stars for build quality!


Ritmo Bongos Sound Quality

This is the only area where the Ritmo Bongos seem like they could improve, even just a little bit. Don’t be mistaken though, these are still the best sounding cheap bongos by far. They can be tuned up nicely to have a very lively sound quality to them that would be good enough to last you years of learning the bongo. Unlike many other beginner bongos, they don’t have a plastic or dull sound quality to them.

tycoon ritmo bongos rim


Tycoon Ritmo Price/Value

Overall, these are the best value beginner bongos on the market today. While they aren’t the cheapest, they sound and feel like they should cost twice the price. This is the first bongo I’d recommend any beginner to pick up to get them started. That’s why the Tycoon Ritmo Bongos are featured first on our list of the best bongos for beginners!