Vorson Electric Ukulele Review

Electric ukuleles are a fast growing niche of ukuleles as musicians look to vary their sounds and experiment. People looking to perform for a larger audience are also interested in electric ukes in order to amplify their music. If you’ve never experienced an electric ukulele or electric instrument before, it can be tough to gauge if it’s right for you. That’s where the Vorson Electric Ukulele comes in.

vorson electric ukulele

The Vorson Electric Ukulele is a great cheap electric ukulele, perfect for the beginner musician or ukulele player that has never touched an electric instrument before.

Typically available for ~$100, the Vorson Electric Ukulele lets you get your feet wet without breaking the bank. Here’s an overview of the FSUK1BK model features –

  • Tenor ukulele
  • Solid wood body
  • Classic electric guitar shape
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Dual single coil pickup

This ukulele also came with a canvas carrying bag and cable to plug into an amp.

vorson electric ukulele and cable

The canvas carrying bag isn’t the best quality and it’s certainly not going to protect the ukulele from any damage, but it’s better than nothing when it comes to transporting this instrument. If you’re going to be doing a lot of traveling, look into some better solutions for traveling with a ukulele.

vorson ukulele travel bag

Vorson Ukulele Build Quality

Upon first inspection of the Vorson electric uke, it looks and feels very solid. Everything was very tight and well put-together, all I had to do was tune up the strings and it was ready to play.

The geared tuners worked well and are holding the tuning nicely. I didn’t detect any buzzing due to loose frets or any other hardware issues so playing the instrument has been excellent.

The one downside of this ukulele is the strings aren’t the best. They don’t sound terrible by any means, but given that this is an entry-level instrument you can get some better sound from it if you were to spend some money upgrading the strings.

vorson electric ukulele head

The knobs and slider which adjust the sound output of your ukulele feel very smooth and solid. Time will tell, but I would be shocked if any durability issues arise with them.

Vorson Electric Ukulele Sound

This is the section you’re probably most interested in – how does the Vorson Electric Ukulele sound?

vorson electric guitar sound

For starters, one thing you should know is for an electric ukulele like this, it doesn’t generate much sound on its own. It can hear enough to practice without an amp in a quiet room, but it’s really not loud enough to perform with. You need to get an amplifier in order to truly use this ukulele (we have a list of the best ukulele amplifiers if you’re in need).

Also, for the amp to work you must use metal strings like the ones that come with it or guitar strings. Nylon strings won’t work.

The two knobs and switch help you adjust the sound that your amplifier will output. The top knob adjusts the volume output, while the bottom knob adjust the tone of the instrument.

vorson electric guitar knobs

The switch adjusts which pickups (black bars under the strings on the body) are used to gather the sound to send to the amp. There are 3 settings – first, both pickups, or second.

There’s no real rules for what settings you should use when it comes to the knobs and switch, just play around and see what sounds best for your music!

We tested this ukulele with a Fender 10g, here’s our sound test that you can watch for a feel of how this uke sounds –

Overall, we think it sounds great for a total setup that cost ~$170. Definitely an entry-level system – you’d probably want a more expensive amplifier if you know electric instruments are your kind of thing.

vorson electric uke and amp review

Vorson Electric Ukulele Final Thoughts

Overall, the Vorson Electric Ukulele is a recommended buy for those looking for a beginner electric ukulele.

One thing to consider when buying this instrument is that if you don’t already have an amplifier, you’ll need to get one. This will run you another $30-100 depending on how nice you want to go. I would suggest a Fender 10g or 20g as seen in our list of electric ukulele amps.

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