easy ukulele strum patterns

Easy Ukulele Strum Patterns for Beginners

When it comes to playing the ukulele, your strumming pattern is incredibly important in getting the right vibe and tempo that the song calls for. When you’re just getting started, it’s very easy to fall into a trap of just using the same strum pattern over and over for every new song you learn. Don’t…

best baritone ukulele

Best Baritone Ukulele for 2017



Baritone Ukulele?  Brilliant! BUT here’s what you need to know before making a choice.


Under $250?  The Cordoba 24B.  Wow.  This is one good looking and impressive Ukulele.  If you want to create an impact and get admiring glances and questions – this is your Uke! Check discount here.

Under $150?  Kala KA-B Mahogany Ukulele.  Don’t let the discounts fool you, this Uke is a high-quality item.  Producing lovely full sound, it features geared tuners to get and stay in tune.  Kala is some of the best in the industry.  Check discount here.

Under $100? We chose the value-packed Kala MK-B Baritone Ukulele.  We love this brand, and you will too.  The only difference between this and the KA-B is that it doesn’t quite look as fancy, and comes standard with slightly cheaper strings.  That’s it!  It still sounds gorgeous, as you can see below.  Find it here.

Our 2017 Top Picks

Under $250?


The Cordoba 24B.  Check discount here.


Under $150?

Kala KA-B Mahogany Ukulele.  Check discount here.



Under $100?

The Kala MK-B Baritone Ukulele.  Find it here.


The Detailed Guide

Baritone ukuleles offer a very interesting cross-section of guitars and ukuleles. While the instrument has only 4 strings like a ukulele, the strings are tuned differently from the other, smaller variations of the ukulele.

Instead of being tuned “GCEA”, the strings are tuned “DGBE“. This DGBE tuning is the same as the bottom 4 strings on a guitar, and the size of a baritone ukulele is in between a ukulele and guitar as well.

Commonly a baritone ukulele will have the two upper string be nylon, and the lower two metal which is unique for a ukulele.

So who is a baritone ukulele best for? The baritone ukulele is great for players who want to do a lot of finger-picking, or who want a deeper sounding ukulele to better match their voice. Check out the video below to hear some baritone ukulele finger-picking in action.

best travel guitar

Best Travel Guitar – 2017 Edition

The guitar is a beautiful and versatile instrument. With all the hours you put into practicing and mastering the guitar, you’re going to want to take it along with your on your travels to show off your skills! Traveling with a guitar can be a huge headache, though. The fear of loading up your fragile guitar and…

best piano keyboard for kids

Best Keyboard Pianos for Kids – 2021



We’ve done the research, so YOU don’t have to!

Here’s a link to the Best Piano Keyboard Deals for 2021


1. Best for 2 – 4-Year-Olds – TOP CHOICE – VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio



2. Best for 5 to 7-Year-Olds – TOP CHOICE – Click’N’Play Gigantic Keyboard Mat



3. Best for 8 to 13-Year-Olds – TOP CHOICE – CASIO SA 76 Keyboard Piano


4. Best for 14 Years and Above – YAMAHA EZ 220



5. Ready To Get Serious?






When it comes to learning a musical instrument, learning to play the piano is without a doubt one of the most beneficial instruments to learn that will teach children the basics of musical theory.

Learning important aspects of music like octaves, scales, and chords are key to learning the piano and transfer over to any other musical instrument your child may learn in the future.

One of the many benefits of kids learning music on a piano is the keys are all laid out in a logical, linear fashion. This makes concepts easier to grasp than on the guitar where you would need to jump around to different frets on different strings to learn the same concepts. The next easiest instrument might be getting your child a ukulele.


vans warped tour history

The History of Warped Tour

Punk Rawk Summer Camp! Since 1996, The Vans Warped Tour has been a summer retreat to countless successful bands, solo artists and even a stage dedicated to local bands in whichever towns that they landed in that day.  The Warped Tour was conceived by successful promoter, Kevin Lyman. Before settling on the name “Warped” for…

hip hop rap ukulele

How to Play 6 Easy Rap Songs on Ukulele

NEWSFLASH – AMAZON SALE TODAY! CLICK HERE TO SAVE UP TO 71% OFF INSTRUMENTS! When you think of hip hop music, the ukulele certainly isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. You might think the two don’t mix well together – the serious and profane lyrics or rap music don’t seem to have much…

5 tips for bass guitar

5 Tips for Beginner Bass Players

The Bassist Whether you are a complete beginner, or a guitarist taking the switch over, it never hurts to get some advice. The bass may come off as easy and unimportant to some, but those people underestimate it greatly. The bass is unique, with its own tones, scales, roles in music, and vibes. Moreover, the…

best bass guitar for beginners

Best Bass Guitar for Beginners 2017

In a hurry? The Ibanez GSR200 is our choice for the best bass guitar for newbies! Basics of the Bass Guitar Regardless of your favorite genre of music, you’ll find that the bass guitar has a dominating presence setting the rhythm and pace of a song.  To a novice, the bass guitar may look like a wider…